Virtual Tax Preparation

We believe that taxes should be transparent, accurate and efficient. Know your price and file with confidence with no hidden surprises. No hidden fees. When you file taxes with Tax Cheapo, you’ll always know your price and understand exactly what you’re paying for – Open year round, Free audit assistance and Free anytime Tax Return Access.

For some of you, this might be the first time that you are doing taxes. We know that it adds a particular element of stress or confusion to the process. But you are not alone. There are many entrepreneurs that file their taxes on their own for the first time. If we see how it went, it could be a lot of help for others. First, we need to understand why they decided to file the tax returns without a professional tax accountant’s help. Some of them wanted to try a new and easy to use software application that they saw on a pop-up ad. Some have been doing their taxes through parent’s accountant, who has been doing it for a few years, and they decided to cut the cord independently. Because they feel cheated after comparing themselves with their other business partners who have been paying taxes close to none, you would be drawn to them for sure if you had seen the advertisement for tax filing software. We’re you worried that you were going to get it wrong. It is tricky when you are to put in the income and investment numbers. You must get it right the first time for the specified period. Though it teaches you about taxes a little bit, the most surprising thing as you went through filing your taxes comes later. You might be happy that to create an account and click the button to submit your taxes took only an hour. That’s amazing. It sounds like a seamless, painless process. And then, you get a text message from the app saying they rejected your tax returns. That is so stressful.

Let professional help from accountants and tax agents do the job of building your wealth and protect assets.

Would you feel empowered when your tax returns got rejected? It won’t be wise to review the mistakes without proper help. That could be a reason to get a consult from a professional accountant or a tax agent from ‘Virtual tax preparation Florida’ Get the money in your bank account and feel empowered; that is the only way to defeat our worst fears. The experts will minimize your taxes and maximize profits. Your business will increase with financial wisdom shared by them to avoid getting tangled into legal matters.

Get a virtual tax consultant at Taxcheapo to reduce your tax liabilities.

You won’t talk to anyone about your financial hopes and dreams. But if you talk to a financial advisor or a tax accountant, you might get a piece of decisive advice that will prove helpful in the long run. May it be in terms of saving taxes, or avoiding legal tax violations, or even utilizing your funds efficiently. So why aren’t accountants involved in all these great public conversations right now? On social media, we can see people sharing their stories about how they started and failed five businesses and what not to do. Very few will talk help from an accountant. But business advice about what to do to thousands of future entrepreneurs should not go unchecked from real accountants. If your journey of establishing the business and finances in a market like Florida, go forward without a proper tax consultant, you might end up in a soup sooner or later. Next time when you have that big idea of starting a new business, talk to your accountant. Get a financial mentor from Taxcheapo They will minimize your tax liabilities, maximize profits, and help you grow your wealth faster than anybody in the business.


$150One time

  • 1040 with up to (1) W2 & 1099
  • 1 State Return
  • *$50 Nonrefundable Filing Deposit is Required


$250One time

  • 1040 with up to 3 W2’s & 1099’s
  • Schedule B (Up to 10 Interest & Dividend Entries)
  • 1 State Return
  • 1 Tax Credit
  • *$50 Nonrefundable Filing Deposit is Required


$350One time

  • 1040 with up to 5 W2’s & 1099’s
  • Schedule C-EZ (Profit or Loss from Business)
  • Schedule E Page 2 K1 Entry
  • 1 State Return
  • • Up to 2 of the following
  • Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)
  • Schedule D (Up to 5 Sales of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds or Investment Real Estate)
  • Tax Credit
  • *$50 Nonrefundable Filing Deposit is Required


$550One time

  • 1040 with up to 10 W2’s & 1099’s
  • 1 State Return
  • • 1 of the following:
  • Schedule C ( Profit or Loss from Business)
  • Schedule E ( Up to 1 Rental Property)
  • • 3 or more of the following
  • Schedule D (6-20 Sales of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds or Investment Real Estate)
  • Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)
  • Tax Credit
  • *$50 Nonrefundable Filing Deposit is Required

Add-Ons to any Package

  • 50 for Each Additional State Return
  • $20 for Each Additional W2 or 1099 over 10
  • $10 for Each Additional Schedule B Item over 10
  • $150 for Each Additional Schedule C
  • $10 for Each Additional Schedule D Item over 20
  • $150 for Each Additional Schedule E Rental Property
  • $50 for Each Additional Schedule E Page 2 K1 Entry $150 if it is PTP
  • $25 for Paper Copy of Return Mailed to the client (free online access otherwise)
  • $50 Overnight Check Fee for ERC Check
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction starting at $199 for each activity
  • Tax planning – $500